Get Your Roof Restored after Hail Damage!

If you're looking to get the best fix for hail damage to roofs, then this message is just what you have to hear!

Does This Resonate With You?

You’re a homeowner confronted with a hail-damaged roof. 

You’re trying hard to protect your property, but finding a trustworthy restoration expert is tough. 

You wrestle with contractors who seem too busy to focus on your needs. 

And right now, you think getting your roof fixed promptly and properly is nearly impossible.

In a nutshell, you’re a property owner who needs effective solutions… and that’s exactly what we’re here to provide!

Based on 118 reviews
Quality work, professional, punctual. We had major hail damage, they replaced the roof, windows and siding. I have never seen a more hard working crew of men. The only time they stopped, was half hour for lunch. My house looks absolutely beautiful. They were very meticulous and did everything to perfection. Would recommend them to anyone.
Lisa Hanson
Lisa Hanson
They did a nice job with replacement of roof, gutters downspouts and siding. After we experienced a hail storm.
We have used this company twice and have been extremely pleased with their work and their customer service. This time it was for the replacement of our roof. Matt Cepak took care of the whole process from start to finish, coordinating the entire job. The crew that installed, worked extremely hard and made sure there was no debris left on site. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.
Debra Gallop
Debra Gallop
I wanted to share and say that working with Bill Wheeler in helping a customer to coordinate removing their solar panels and reinstalling them so that work can be completed on the homeowner's roof has been great. He has been very helpful in finding Michigan Solar Solutions to do the work of removing the customer's panels to be reinstalled when the roof work is completed. He was able to obtain a quote for work for the customer and handled all the necessary paperwork. This company has employees that go above and beyond for their customers. We hope to work with this company again!
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
BEWARE! We hired 800 New Look in 2009 to install a new roof. Long story short they failed to do the installation correctly which is now reflecting on the inside of my home. I reached out with a big issue, they said they would come check it out, they never showed up so a good friend that is a roofer came over and said there were many things wrong with the roof due to incorrect installation. He fixed the urgent problem as no one came from 800 New Look. When someone finally came from New Look, they agreed that there was a lot wrong with how the roof was installed. Missing flashing around the chimney, around the vents and the bay window roof was completely rooted due to missing drip edge and flashing. If you had a roof installed from them or any other company, have it inspected, or you will be replacing your roof 12 years sooner than expected and you may have damage happening that you are no aware of. Note, flashing is very important, keeps water out. Believe me, I will be a courtroom once I have all of the damages fixed and new roof installed properly.
Lisa Fernandez
Lisa Fernandez
During one of the windy days last month I notice a piece of siding came loose I contacted 800 New Look and by the end of the day the siding was fixed. I was happy with there quick response as well as there replace of the roof and siding about 4 1/2 years ago. A professorial job all the way around! Thank you.
Larry Vincent
Larry Vincent
The team at New Look worked extremely well with us when doing major structural roof repairs for my mom due to wind damage. They made sure we understood what they were doing and that we understood why. They ran into unexpected work due to a poor quality job not caught by the township inspector several years ago and took care of that as well as the originally identified work. They helped me while working with a challenging insurance adjuster and helped to make sure the insurance paid the claim appropriately. I would gladly work with 800 New Look again and recommend them highly.
Dawn Collins
Dawn Collins
roof hail damage

Here's Just the Start of What You Gain…

Hail damage services specialize in the quick assessment, repair, or replacement of roofs damaged by hail, ensuring safety and restoring the property’s aesthetic.

  • Immediate Safety Measures: Quickly addresses damaged roofs to secure the property and prevent injuries.
  • Visual and Functional Restoration: Restores the visual clarity and functionality of your roof, enhancing both appearance and energy efficiency.
  • Prevention of Further Damage: Seals off vulnerabilities to protect against weather and external threats, preventing further damage to the interior.

Here's Our Commitment to You...

Our team doesn’t just work in roofing and roof restoration; we specialize in reversing hail storm damage, especially for Michigan’s harsh weather.

I’m the proud owner of 800 New Look LLC, a team stacked with seasoned pros who have helped countless homeowners and businesses bounce back from Mother Nature’s worst mood swings.

We don’t just offer services; we deliver peace of mind and fast, reliable repairs – directly working with your insurance to ensure a hassle-free process.

We’ve made a name for ourselves going door-to-door, offering free roof inspections, and gaining referrals through. 

Now, we’re setting out to offer you the swift response and quality repair you deserve after a hail storm rattles your roof and your comfort.

roof hail damage

Picture This: Peace of Mind

Visualize your home or business with a restored roof, looking as pristine as it did before the storm, without dipping into your savings…

Imagine tapping into expert services that:

  • Repair your hail-damaged roof to top-notch condition – no hidden costs…

  • Utilize our network to swiftly manage your repairs…

  • Connect you with pro craftsmen quickly – no matter when the storm hit…

  • Facilitate a smooth repair process that feels like a win/win…

  • Get your property back to normal so you can move on with confidence…

roof hail damage

Sounds Like A Dream, Right?

Well, you don’t have to daydream any longer!

Allow me to introduce you to our Hail Damage Roof Restoration service, crafted to help you bounce back from the weather’s surprises… and so much more!

Ready to Restore Your Roof?

So, go ahead and give us a call now, and you’ll be on your way to experiencing all the perks we’ve highlighted here and then some! Let’s tackle those repairs today!

P.S. – Every second counts after a hail storm. The longer you wait, the more damage can worsen. Act now to ensure your property remains the envy of the neighborhood, not just another repair story. Reach out to us and let’s give your roof the New Look it deserves!