Meet 800 New Look LLC, The Hail Storm Pros

At 800 New Look LLC, The Hail Storm Pros, we understand the skies of Michigan like no one else. Our team stands tall as a trustworthy and experienced storm damage roofing company that cares deeply about protecting your home and business. With every nail we drive and every shingle we lay, we're building more than just roofs; we're building peace of mind.

Our Journey in Roofing Excellence

From our humble start in 2005, going door to door and listening to the concerns of locals facing the wrath of Mother Nature, we, at 800 New Look LLC, have grown into a storm damage roofing powerhouse.

Our journey, fueled by a passion to deliver not just roofing solutions but a shield against the fierce Michigan weather, began with a commitment to addressing hail storm damage assessment and repair for both business and homeowners throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

We’re locals too, and that means each home or business we secure from storm damage safeguards a bit of our community, embodying our dedication to the regions we serve and the people who live there.

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Why Choose Us?

The 800 New Look LLC Promise


Your property is a cornerstone of your quality of life, offering safety and security to those you value most. In the face of damage from hail, fire, floods, or wind, you deserve swift and superior repair services. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring your home or business is restored to its prime condition.


With a team of certified experts, we guarantee unparalleled quality from start to finish. Our rigorous training and strict quality control processes are testament to our dedication to perfection, aiming to be your trusted contractor for life.


At the forefront of our operations is safety. We cherish our team, adhering to O.S.H.A standards, conducting weekly safety meetings, and performing regular equipment checks. Our comprehensive safety protocols minimize risks, ensuring a secure environment for everyone involved.


Offering industry-leading warranties, including lifetime coverage for workmanship and products, we provide peace of mind that your property is in professional hands. Trust in our expertise for a reliably repaired home or business.

Meet Kurt Price: Leading Michigan's Storm Repair Revolution

Kurt Price, founder of 800 New Look, The Hail Storm Pros, launched the company in 2005 to offer reliable storm damage repairs and simplify insurance processes for property owners. 

Known for fair pricing and high-quality service, 800 New Look stands out in the storm repair industry. 

Beyond business, Kurt is committed to giving back, with regular donations of materials and services to Michigan’s churches, families, and environmental projects, reflecting his dedication to community support and philanthropy.

Kurt Price

Kurt Price

Owner & CEO

Committed to Michigan

Our dedication to the wellbeing of Michigan homes and businesses is at the heart of what we do. Ice dams, blizzards, and blustery storms don’t stand a chance when you’ve got the Hail Storm Pros on your side. 

800 New Look LLC has established a solid track record of delivering quality, reliability, and quick action—and we want to see our clients turning to us first, building a chain of referrals that grows stronger with every job completed successfully.

Get In Touch Before The Storm

Don’t wait for the next freeze or thunderclap to think about your roof. Get ahead of the weather—and the competition—by having 800 New Look LLC come out for a complimentary inspection.

Reach out today and let’s build a refuge strong enough to weather any storm. Your roof deserves the best; it deserves 800 New Look LLC.