Superior Residential Roofing Services In Michigan!

If you're aiming to preserve the top condition for your residential roofing services, wish to fix issues swiftly within your schedule, or if you simply want peace of mind knowing your roof is in expert hands, then this message might just be the most crucial one you come across this year!

Is This Your Home Sweet Home Situation?

In Michigan, homeowners battle with heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, ice dams, and severe thunderstorms that all pose significant threats to their roofs.

If you’re overwhelmed by the need for repairs or replacement and the relentless nature of these issues, you’re not alone.

You desire peace of mind, a roof that stands strong against the elements, and a solution that cuts through the complexity of roofing decisions.

800 New Look LLC is your beacon in the storm, ready to restore your comfort and confidence.

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Here's Just The Beginning of What You'll Gain...

The process of constructing and fitting a new roof, ensuring it's durable and weather-resistant.

Replacing an old, damaged, or worn-out roof with new materials to enhance property value and safety.

Immediate repair services for unexpected roof damage, offering quick solutions to protect your property.

Whether it's minor or major, we specialize in all kinds of roof repairs. Shingle, metal, we've got you covered.

Installation and maintenance of gutters to direct rainwater away, protecting your building's foundation.

Installation, replacement, and repair of siding to protect and enhance the building's exterior appearance.

Years of Experience

Here's How We Stand Behind Our Promise...

Since 2005, 800 New Look LLC, also known as The Hail Storm Pros, has specialized in residential roofing services, focusing particularly on hail storm damage assessment and repair across Michigan and the Great Lakes region. 

With a keen eye on areas affected by wind and hail storms, our expert team has protected and preserved homes valued over $50 million, guiding homeowners through repairs, maintenance, and new roof constructions.

Our unique strategy targets quick lead generation post-storm, aiming to outpace the competition and secure jobs before they do.

This approach not only ensures timely assistance for those affected but also fosters a stronger referral network, reinforcing our position as industry leaders in storm damage roofing solutions. 

At 800 New Look LLC, we’re committed to providing quick, reliable roofing services when homeowners need them the most, ensuring peace of mind and durable protection against the elements.

Envision Your Ideal Home Experience:

Just picture what your life could be like if you could:

Doesn't That Sound Reassuring?

Well, you no longer have to just picture it!

We’re excited to introduce you to our Residential Roofing Services at 800 New Look LLC, crafted to help you enjoy all these benefits… and so much more!

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Your Roofing Service Checklist:

Remember, with our Residential Roofing Services, you’re choosing:

Rapid Roof Repair
Top-notch Roof Replacement
Proactive Roof Maintenance
Comprehensive Roof Inspection
Customized New Roof Construction

Here's How To Secure Your Service Right Now

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P.S. – Every moment you wait is a chance for your roofing issues to worsen. Act now to protect your home with the services from 800 New Look LLC.

The safety and comfort of your living space are paramount. Secure your peace of mind by taking action today!